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Electromagnetic Shielding Wallpaper

Large Roll EMF Shielding Wallpaper

£ 157.00

Large Roll EMF...

£ 157.00
EMF Shielding Wallpaper Large Roll Protect your house or flat from electrosmog! Shield out electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone masts, neighbourhood DECT and Wi-Fi, electricity pylons and many other EMF sources. For shielding against high and low...

5G SecuriBlok Wall Shielding

£ 975.00

5G SecuriBlok Wall...

£ 975.00
5G SecuriBlok Wall Shielding  Specially formulated for shielding against proposed 5G frequencies Provides 120 dB shielding at 1 GHz and over 60dB from 26 -76GHz
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