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Electromagnetic Protective Maternity Clothing

EMF Protective Maternity Top (Grey)

£ 155.76

EMF Protective...

£ 155.76
Electromagnetic Protective Maternity Top (Grey) On back-order. Call +44 (0) 845 8059 030 to order. Offering the highest Electromagnetic Protection Shield your unborn child from EMR, with this beautifully finished and stylish, adjustable maternity top.

Washing Powder for EMF Protective Fabrics

£ 11.95

Washing Powder for EMF...

£ 11.95
Leblok Washing Powder for Silver Fabrics(1 KG) Special washing detergent for the care of EMF shielding fabrics. Perfect cleanliness and hygiene. The only authorised washing detergent we recommend for shielding fabrics.
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