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Silver SuperShield - Electromagnetic Shielding Curtains Zoom

Silver SuperShield - Electromagnetic Shielding Curtains


EMF Shielding Curtains - Silver SuperShield

Shield out EMF radiation from mobile phone masts, neighbourhood DECT and Wi-Fi

To order please contact us with finished dimensions of the curtains you required, call: +44 (0) 845 805 9030 or email to:

Available in 20% Double silver-plated silver fibre. Extremely strong and washable.

Attenuation 50dB (99.99%) at 1GHz.

The material is over 90% transparent from the inside and makes it almost to see in from the outside.

Available finished, or in raw material for ‘Make your own’. 


Silver Supershield

1) Silver Supershield material gains a tarnish over time. Often the fabric has areas of staining right from the start, this is a natural result of the manufacturing process.
If you do not wish to accept stainings or discoloration, please choose canopies made from Swiss-Shield®.
2) Silver fabrics have a limited durability, which depends on the frequency of movement.
3) Our silver fabrics don't contain nano-silver, but a thick pure metallic silver layer.



For finished curtains please Tel: +44 (0) 845 805 9030 or email to: for a quotation or more information


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